Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Last week, one resident asked to be removed from the message board “immediately.” The person vented about the venting: “I’d like to say to those of you who are regularly arguing one point or the other and dragging every discussion into the ground, whether they be candidates or development, that you should all just grow up! I wonder how many of you would have these same nasty discussions face-to-face?”

Political signs are the new blight. “May we be saved from political signs littering the landscape, please?” asks Sharon. She wants those with aspirations toward public service to please stop vomiting signs all over her ‘hood and to stop stabbing public places full of them. She singles out Marie Johns’ campaign: “I uprooted a sign for Marie Johns this morning in the Blair/Forth Street park only to find another an hour later…the plants will not benefit from the shade of signs or the foot steps of sign posters.” And then argues that Fenty’s youthful vigor surely means the death of Takoma Park flora: “I don’t want to see his signs in gardens everywhere for the rest of his political life. He is very young that could be a very long time. We have already been looking at them for years.”

The latest item for the neighborhood’s lost-and-found box: teeth. As Patti writes, “Living near a bus stop means every once and awhile you find something other than trash. Does anyone know of anyone who is missing a small zip lock bag containing partial plates and dental care items?”