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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Penny Pagano, Ward 3 Councilmember Kathy Patterson’s chief of staff, chose the wrong list to post a proud message announcing her boss’s successful amendment to provide the D.C. library system with $740,000 to upgrade the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library and branch libraries. The funds will be used for “electrical upgrades, plaster wall repairs and refinishing, bathroom improvements, door and window repairs and replacements, carpet replacements, and painting.” That’s great for the rest of the city, but Tenleytown currently doesn’t have a branch library, a fact not lost on one irate resident. “So when the *!$%#@ are we going to get some action on the Tenley libary, which has now been abandoned for almost 1 1/2 years?” writes the resident. “And when are we going to get the much-discussed temporary storefront library? Every time I think I can no longer be astounded by the sheer incompetence of the government in this city, I am proven wrong!”

After the roiling thunderstorm last Wednesday, Takoma Park residents ventured out the next morning to take stock of the neighborhood. “With so many lightening strikes very close last night, I hope noone and noone’s house was hit,” writes one woman. “That was the worst thunder and lightening storm I remember in the 27 years I’ve lived here.” Some literally hid under their beds: “My dog, Facey, was terrified,” writes another. “She cried and would not be comforted. Then she forced her 50 pound self into the 6 inch space between the head of the bed and the wall and then partway under the 7 inch clearnace between the bed and the floor. After the storm passed at 3 in the morning I had to move the bed and a floor lamp to get her out.”

Bitching about car-sharing services never gets old, apparently. “I find the argument that since Zipcar is private, it should only use private parking spaces a bit tedious,” writes one resident, restarting a tedious debate. Thank god, though, the thread moves from parking to gunfire: “Another small solution on the weekend would be to make 18th street a walking pedestrian mall (at least at nite) – forcing the late nite visitors to the neighborhood to use public transportation and making the entire situation more safe..…did I mention the 6 gun shots fired behind my house last Saturday nite?”