Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

In a post headlined “Leering Officer on Segway,” mjwilson99 gets right to the point: “Perhaps the white, middle-aged officer who was riding the Segway down Pennsylvania Avenue last week could seek counseling so as to be able to resist his urge to turn around not once, not twice, but three times, to ogle an attractive female pedestrian wearing a short skirt.” Shut your whining mouth, replied Danielle: “That is the most ridiculous complaint I have heard yet!…These cops risk their lives day in and day out for probably not enough pay, there could be a number of reasons the cop was looking around, perhaps he saw someone else that may pose a threat to the individual, perhaps he was watching traffic or just looking over his shoulder. Even if he was looking at the girl, who cares???” Several posters agreed with Danielle, before bigfishindc finished off the debate by saying, “just because this listserv makes it easy to complain about each and every aspect of police behavior, doesn’t mean its productive to complain about each aspect of police behavior.”

Fred’s dog had a rough night in Brookland. “During the late afternoon on Sunday July 2nd, my dog Patrick got out of the gate from my backyard and was gone for about 20 minutes. Patrick was scared from the thunder and this caused him to “bolt” though he came back pretty quickly. When he returned, he seemed a bit freaked out and I attributed this to the storm that was coming in. When I got up this morning, my dog was limping from both hind legs. I was concerned that possibly he had been hit by a car during his absence yesterday (or something else)? A half day of worry and an expensive vet bill later, I now know that my dog was shot in the hind with a bb gun. The pellet is still lodged there (and will probably have to stay).” Thoughtful notes arrived for Patrick that night. “Thanks for all the well wishes,” Fred wrote. “Patrick is okay, still limping and such. He is on painkillers and a little bit out of it.”

A recent City Paper article that focused heavily on the DupontCircleParents listserv drew the ire of said listserv. One poster, Noreen, was so perplexed by the story that she looked far and wide for the reporter’s motivation. “I am still trying to figure out why it was a story, what was the point? It just seemed so mean spirited all around. A Post reporter told me that his theory was that it was an attempt to score off from someone at the Washington Post where Ross has gotten so much positive press, and the newspaper staff come over through “Everybody Wins” to read at lunch with our students. The Graham foundation also granted us $25,000 for our playground, so there are definitely Post supporters here. Another person on my son’s Stoddert Soccer team suggested it was just a general anti-gentrification article. But since when is being committed to your local community gentrification anyway?…Anyway, the story didn’t originate from Ross, and everyone (just everyone) I talked to was sick about it.”