In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • On the cover, your exclusive guide to the 15 candidates of the 2006 Ward 5 D.C. Council race. James Jones met them all, from the totally obscure to the only slightly less totally obscure, and passes on his findings to you.
  • Jones does double-duty on the service journalism front this week, as Loose Lips this week highlights the best political advertising and literature of this year’s campaign.
  • Two killer stories in the District Line: Ryan Grim finds a guy who gets mugged, fights off his attacker, then gets mistaken for the assailant and arrested. Then, after the cops figure out he’s not their man, they let him go and he’s mugged again. And Jason Cherkis reveals that the D.C. Jail escape last month might have been made easier by one simple thing: jumpsuits.
  • In Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna continues his chronicles of the D.C. Divas women’s football team. The Divas’ archrivals have left the league! Imagine, Skins fans, that the Cowboys left the NFL. Shocking!
  • Sarah Godfrey profiles Columbia Heighs poet Laini Mataka—and her former life, as famed poet Wanda Robinson.
  • In Show & Tell: Nell Boeschenstein delves into Silver Spring’s “lost” Arts Alley—there’s plenty of alley, not much arts.
  • And film, music, books, Tim Carman on Black’s Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda, plus Channel Serf, Service Industry, Pleading the Filth, and more.