Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Though Andrew Solberg, who apologized for “inartful” race-based remarks earlier this month, is back at 2D after a stint in school security, reviews of his mea culpa are mixed. “I truly appreciate the sincerity of Inspector Solberg’s apology,” Melissa writes. “It did not ‘feel’ like the PR department of the MPD crafted the message—it came from the heart.” D was more cynical: “[W]hile Solberg may have ‘contributed’ to his ‘apology’ [MPD spokesperson] Joe Gentile and company assisted with the ‘fine tuning.’ That’s their job……..the good, bad and ugly of it all.” Mikeindc rose in Solberg’s defense: “Well, unless you know that for a fact, to offer such conjecture, in an attempt to impune the character of a good officer, is irresponsible.”

Prospective school board candidate Marc Borbely has experience teaching in D.C. public schools, a Yale biochemistry degree, and has served as an ANC commissioner since 2004. What he doesn’t have is a campaign HQ. “I’m looking for a medium-size space that I could rent and use as a campaign office until November 7,” Borbely writes. “If anyone has or knows of a possible space in Northeast, north of Florida Avenue/Benning (a basement, a storefront, an industrial space, a company/nonprofit with extra space, or anything else), please let me know!” As of posting time, no one had posted a reply to his offer.

Responding to complaints about DCRA bureaucracy, nss_dc is “struck by the similarities between the bureaucratic behaviour in DC and that of pre-Gorbachev Moscow” and recounts an allegedly true story from the capital: “The Moscow bus sat idling at the stop with its doors open, waiting for passengers and the appropriate time to start its course. The driver noticed in his mirror a heavy-set, somewhat older, stereotypically peasant woman, running to catch the bus. He waited. She reached the open doorway. He closed the door and the bus pulled away. Because he could. He alone controlled that one process.” For those who prefer Czech metaphors, awabrams likens dealing with the DCRA to “being a protagonist in a Kafka story”—perhaps if Joseph K. was “processing a permit application for a new house…designed for a site in Shepherd Park.”