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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

“Two hours after MPD told me they found a (human) body in the alley behind the 4200 block of 3rd St NW, and they thought it was a female (human), I get a call to tell me it was a large dog,” Joseph writes. Officers found “what appeared to be something wrapped in a Tarp with blood and electrical tape” and did not know whether “it was an animal or a human…someone must have assumed that this was a female.” But it turned out to be a dog day afternoon after all, and a noirish one at that; Joseph speculates that the corpse is the product of Petworth’s grisly dogfight scene. His proof: “a friend of mine who has read every George Pelecanos novel tells me that Petworth dog fights are a common occurrence in his creative works.”

“I have no idea who ‘Nestor’ is or what he is running for,” complains Tom. “I am certain, however, that [there are] no fewer than 8 posters per block…along Piney Branch Road between Georgia Avenue and Butternut.” Richard efficiently addresses Tom’s gripe, reporting that “Nestor Djonkam is running as a Democrat” for the office soon to be vacated by that man with the bowtie. Tom, however, may not be impressed, asking pointedly, “Can you say Eyesore?”

dcgardens asks for the recommended order of operations when repainting a “1910 wood/stucco house.” Is it better to “1. scrap[e], prime, paint or 2. strip all the old paint off the wood (using a heat implement), prime[,] paint?” Money is not a concern – “naturally #2 will cost more, but the question is—is it preferable?” For those unwilling to drop some cash on Home Improvement for Dummies, dcguide1941 reports: “I tried both methods on my house at two different times (#1 in 1987 and #2 in 1994). #2 is infinitely superior. The final product is terrific especially where one would be close enough to notice the alligatoring under the newly painted surface resulting from approach #1.”