D.C. voters now have three original candidate songs to help them choosing our new leaders, all penned by campaign insiders. No review can replace the experience of listening to the rich variety of rhythms enveloping DCision ’06. One listen to these fine ditties explains why most campaigns have put their efforts elsewhere.

“Orange the Democrat” (MP3 format, 1.3 MB)

Mayoral candidate Vincent Orange
“Orange the Democrat”
Writer: Orange and team (according to Orange)
Producer: paid consultant

OK, Orange’s tune set to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was an ad, not an official campaign song. But let’s face it, Orange probably won’t have the cash to put together another tune of any kind. Besides, the jingle contains everything a great campaign refrain should: a catchy tune, lyrics that don’t rhyme, and an attempt to cram everything about the candidate into one minute.

“Get Down With Brown” (MP3 format, 3.2 MB)

Mayoral candidate Michael Brown
“Get Down with Brown”
Producer: Bomani Armah
Vocals: Roderick Ross
Mix: Devon Beck

Brown went for what he calls “a more youth-oriented theme song.” He delivered. The head-nodding track was written, performed and produced by some of Brown’s young backers. For anyone under 50, “Get Down” can’t be beat on pure listenability. Like all good campaign songs, it sounds best played on a car stereo while driving slow.

“Rice Is Running” (MP3 format, 2.8 MB)

Ward 3 Council candidate Bill Rice
“Rice Is Running”
Writer and Performer: Myrna Sislen (Rice’s wife)
Producer: Charles Williams, Middle C Music

Who could resist a campaign jingle set to a famous ’70s television ad? “Rice Is Running” (remember Rice-A-Roni?) is a throwback to the days when these types of political songs weren’t corny. The coming of the 21st century, however, renders this song 100 percent corn. The “one more time!” wrap-up leaves listeners begging for more—and a side of Hamburger Helper.