Last month, the co-chair of the Greater Washington Board of Trade PAC, Medstar’s Michael Rogers, sung the praises of mayoral candidate Linda Cropp. On June 10, he announced his group was endorsing the council chairman and singled out her attempts to improve the city’s stadium agreement with Major League Baseball. “It would have been easy to say no, no, no, no,” Rogers said at the time. “But she stood in front of a moving train and said, ‘Hold up.’ And I think as a result of that closer scrutiny, the District is better off.”

Last night, Rogers and PAC co-chair Rod Woodson (not that Rod Woodson) stood in a packed room at Bobby Van’s Steak House during a fundraiser for Cropp’s chief rival: Ward 4 Councilmember Adrian Fenty. You know, the guy who said no, no, no, no to baseball.

Could it be that a Washington Post poll that put Fenty out in front has a few heavyweights like Rogers and Woodson hedging their bets?

“It is our responsibility to make sure that with all of the candidates we have cordial relations between the campaigns and the business community,” says Rogers, who did not write a check at the event.

“We think that it is appropriate to give respect to all of the candidates,” he says. “Because whoever is mayor the business community is here as a vital player and the expectation is that we will work together.”

“Whoever is mayor”? Rogers sure isn’t showing a ton of confidence in the PAC’s choice to lead the city.

Rogers says Fenty money-tree shaker Max Brown—a Washington Board of Trade PAC member—invited him and Woodson to attend the event. No doubt Brown, who is also a hired lobbying gun for Medstar, also mentioned the Post poll.