Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

The new noise pollution: scooters. On Aug. 6, Linda writes: “I hate to be the sore loser – but I have to be honest – I am constantly waking up in the middle of the night from the noise – the bus, train and ambulance sirens are understandable since we live in a big city – but I find the noise from those ridiculous scooters/mopeds and the people fighting or doing whatever they are doing at 3am in front of my house to be terribly annoying.” She also mentions another urban peculiarity: “I have also read about other folks being attacked.”

In the last year, residents have tasted the fruits of mainstream chains, whether cruising the Nature’s Promise section of the new Giant or sampling the new-release rack at the shiny new Blockbuster. As bodegas get replaced by big chains, residents are starting to grouse about the incoming inevitable: the coffee chain. Few things are as divisive as where you go to buy your cup of joe. Debate has gone as follows: chains bad, indies good—or maybe not as good as you should believe. At least one poster asks whether Columbia Heights Coffee is a truly good-for-the-people operation, and another grouses about minority-owned franchises. This all leads to one poster to say: “Why don’t you experts on coffee shops pool your cash and open one up in the neighborhood and show Columbia Heights Coffee how it should be done? Geesh.”

Residents here are needing: nanny-share organizing, folding treadmill, a financial planner, a wire dog crate, an orthopedic surgeon, and self-defense classes for a teenage girl visiting the District for a year. And, on Aug. 7, Ned posted this: “Wanted: Kids’ backyard elevated “fort”/climbing structure, with or without swings. Will pay for transport.”