Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Kelly, a dog walker and trainer, says that she comes across so many strays that she always carries around a spare leash. And being prepared has its benefits: “On Friday I was driving to an appointment when I saw a Siberian Husky mix trotting quite briskly towards the woods, with no owner in sight,” she writes. “I swerved over, called the dog, and offered him treats. He finally came over, wolfed down the treats, and I quickly and quietly put my extra leash on him. While he was eating the treats, I read his collar and called the owner. Who it turns out was looking for him. He rode up on a bike about 5 minutes later. Very grateful, and it turns out, very handsome.”

In light of the recent bomb scare, one woman wonders how much earlier she’s going to have to get to National next Sunday for a 6:15 a.m. flight to Houston. “3 hours in advance—the generic advice that came from the vendor—seems insane under the circumstances,” she writes, “but?I’m willing to believe that an earlier than usual arrival is called for.” Not much earlier, it turns out. “I just flew home to TN last week and to tell you the truth I saw no difference at all from a few months ago,” a neighbor writes. “I was there an hour and a half before my flight left and I had plenty of time. I was not all that inmpressed by any new security measures which seemed to consist of security people telling passengers, “No liquids” and that was about it.” BWI, however, might be a different story. “I arrived at 4:30AM for a 6:00AM flight and barely made my flight,” writes Fred. “The main problem at BWI was the line for United, not security. (I’ve never seen so many people before at 4:30AM!).”

With the Marine Corps Marathon just two months away, Max offers Washington runners a mental exercise to help pass the roadwork: Rate the MCM on a scale of 1 to 5. “I know I’m going to get crap for this…but I rate it between a 3 & 4,” writes Debi. James thinks those numbers are reserved for Boston. “I agree that it’s more difficult than many realize,” he says. “[But] something like San Fran or Big Sur or even NY with all the bridges I think would rate higher (having never run any of those courses).” Debi’s response: “A lot of people expect to run a PR at MCM, and end up being totally kicked in the A$$ because it’s a SNEAKY hard. Looks flat, looks easy, but man..what the heck happened to my legs at mile 15?” Nancy requests clarification on the scale: “Is a 5 like Badwater in Death Valley with hangnails?” she asks. “Or Pike’s Peak double with blisters? Is a 1 like pancake-flat Shamrock on a non-windy, overcast, reasonably warm March day?”