Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

If you’re a beat cop, what’s worse than getting chewed out by your commander? How about getting showed up by him at a crime scene. According to Councilmember Jim Graham, after a woman was robbed by a BB-gun-toting perp in Mount Pleasant, police found the firearm in a nearby abandoned house. Once 3rd District Commander Larry McCoy got a looksy at the gun, he “went to the house, talked to the officers, saw the gun and some stolen property.” The way Graham tells it, McCoy then showed the investigative scruples that had apparently eluded his officers: “McCoy asked if anyone had gone upstairs to make sure nobody else was in the house. There were holes through the floor, and the staircase was unstable. Yet, he went up the stairs. Commander McCoy found the suspect hiding in a back room. He was identified as Paul Henderson, a registered sex offender with a lengthy record. Henderson had a crack pipe in his hand.”

Careful where you mark your territory in Petworth. According to a 4th District crime report, on Aug. 17 a man “was urinating in the alley, when a white truck pulled up. [The suspect] exited the vehicle, asked [the victim] why was [he] peeing on the side of his house.” The suspect then took “an [unknown] object and struck [the victim] in the head causing injury, while [the driver] sat in the truck. [The victim says that] while running to his vehicle, [the suspect] took an object & struck his vehicle causing damage. [The suspect and his driver] fled westbound into the 700 blk of Kennedy St. NW.”

“I think having a block party or at least the concept is really a good idea,” one resident carefully writes of an upcoming bash just off H Street NE. Then comes the catch: “I think the parking rules are inconvenient and as a working resident, I do my shopping and normal house errands on Saturday.” In a response entitled “Sour Grapes,” party booster stainless_steel_justis plays the role of welcome wagon: “Good grief, it’s just one day, get over it.…Also, why not just take a moment to meet your neighbors, then maybe you will be included in the planning next time.”