In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • DCision ’06: The Election Issue—with stories about Linda Cropp’s inept campaigning, Phil Mendelson’s tremendous luck, what a Brown-Cropp-Fenty-Johns-Milligan-Orange administration might be like, a Hill Staffer’s Guide to Local Politics, and much more.
  • In Loose Lips: LL makes his endorsements
  • Huan Hsu reveals that dozens of city fire hydrants are out of commission
  • Sarah Godfrey profiles Multiple Man, the St. E’s-resident-turned-rapper with an eye for creative marketing. Creative, like blow-up-doll sex shows.
  • In Young & Hungry: Tim Carman reviews Dupont’s Urbana
  • Plus film, music (Warminsky on Yo La Tengo), theater (Bob is back!), and more