Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

On Sept. 5, Jim posted a note reminding everyone of “Volleyball tonight, 7:30PM as usual.” He also noted the only real rule of the game: “Kids need to be able to serve OK if they play. Not every time.…But kids who cannot serve at all need to practice first. We have low standards but….” The next day, Jim posts another message to the list. Prompted by poor turnout for the volleyball event the previous night, he asks for help in improving attendance and offers some suggestions of his own, one being “institute a higher level of play.” Perhaps being an OK server, even for the kids, Jim posits, just won’t cut it anymore. “[W]e could ask newcomers, especially young kids, to show they can serve the ball, ‘bump,’ set, and hit it over.”

Unable to get his daily Will Thomas fix, Glover Park resident Sean wonders why his rabbit ears have suddenly lost their ability to transmit Fox 5 into his home. “Anyone else in the ‘hood that doesn’t have cable and uses an antenna to pull in the local channels?” Sean asks. “Fox 5 went out on me last night around 7PM and hasn’t come back on yet. Did this happen to anyone else? I still get everything else.” Before anyone can suggest that the isolated Fox 5 blackout is simply the television rejecting The Edge, neighbor John steps in with an explanation. “Fox 5 and Channel 20 have been doing some work to boost their transmission power and raise their antennas a few feet to get better coverage of the metro area, and their analog and digital signals have been intermittent these past few weeks.” He says that service should be back to normal any time now, restoring Seinfeld reruns and Storm Trac to those who’ve gone without.

Thanks to a posting by member MzTina, the group discovers the hours of snooping fun to be had with the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Immediately, people begin plugging in the names of friends, in-laws, relatives, and old boyfriends. “I’m shocked,” says one woman of discovering someone she knows caught a credit-card-fraud case. “WHOA! I just found my EX-EX-EX boyfriend on here for 2nd Degree – ASSAULT charges.…SCARY!” says another. But jesusisalwaysloves cautions the women not to criticize too harshly. “This is scary as heck. I can’t believe some of the things I am seeing in here !” she writes. “On the other hand I need to be careful/prayerful, not to use this information as a tool to judge…”