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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

The Takoma Park neighborhood is atwitter over a slew of slashed “Fenty for Mayor” signs. After several residents report that their signs appear to have been cut, Lars suggests that perhaps the posters weren’t ruined intentionally. “I began to get suspicious as some of the slashed ones were in the midst of delicate flower arrangements, some behind fences with dogs, etc. And all the slashes always seemed the same, a diagonal cut that was very clean in most cases,” he notes. “So I wonder if the material the signs are made of simply splits at certain temperatures? I doubt vandals would be so careful as to spare flowers etc, or so dedicated to hit so many signs. Anyone want to toss one in their oven and see?” Sanyin also has noted the vandalized signs, but very subtly hints that neither nature nor rowdy neighborhood kids are to blame. “It looked to me that many Fenty signs are undisturbed, while others were slashed (or perhaps just split?). Some had damage only near the center. But I must say that there were several which appeared to have been cropped.”

No one wants bus shelters and seating anymore—residents in Shepherd Park would rather stand in the rain than have some poor, weary homeless person dare to stretch out and get a nap on a bench or have to look at the occasional graffito on the side of a shelter. In discussing a bus stop on Alaska Avenue, Shepherd Park resident Jason says bus shelters are crime magnets, and he does not support them. StephB doesn’t mention the shelters but says she’s opposed to installing a bench at the site. Only Rosemary believes that residents shouldn’t let their fear of crime get in the way of comfort, and that having a bunch of people standing around waiting for Metrobuses, exposed to the elements, is barbaric. “I support a bench..shelter is 2nd..but to sit is civil,” she writes.

The beginning of a new school year means, among other things, that it’s time to clean house on various school-related listservs. In the BannekerSchoolCouncil group, several parents of students who graduated in June are just getting around to asking to be removed from the list. The parents/grandparents/legal guardians of recent Banneker grads explain that their kids have left the school and also politely wish the other parents good luck with their new principal, Anita Berger—-—except for one. “My daughter graduated this past spring, so please take my e-mail address off of your list,” asks R. “I feel sorry for the current parents having to deal with this principal for the next several years. Nice lady, but definitely not up to the job and has no clout with central office except to get the job for herself. A self serving situation for both sides.”