You know who you are.

You’ve taken your seat for Superman. You’re rapt as the theme music begins and the Man of Steel returns in a spectacular ball of flame.

And then you start thinking about your workload. Or messy apartment. Or, perhaps, an episode of The Three Stooges.

You need DC Shorts. From Sept. 14–21, you’ll have a chance to view brilliance in brevity, with screenings stitched together of films from different genres and different topics that will relentlessly wrestle your attention away from stuff you shouldn’t be bothered with in a theater. Because moviemaking in short form, of course, requires as much talent and grace as a three-hour Scorsese.

And organizing such an event is a terrific feat, as well. I spoke with Jon Gann and Kim Roberts, organizers of the festival, about sitting through more than 500 submissions to find the 94 gems screening this week.

Look for plenty more DC Shorts coverage as the week continues…