In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • DCision ’06: The Aftermath—with James Jones and Jason Cherkis teaming up to catalog just who the losers are in Adrian Fenty’s huge victory. (Here’s a few sample losers: beer, chauffeurs, and George Pelecanos)
  • In Loose Lips: a rundown of the election’s implications, such as how Fenty promises to be D.C.’s first genuine populist mayor
  • More election coverage in the District Line, where we ask: How smart is the D.C. electorate? We asked more than 100 D.C. voters in our first-ever poll test.
  • Chris Shott explaining how D.C. songwriter Marcus G. Rhodes got played by hip-hop industry big shots.
  • In Young & Hungry: Anne Marson puts together the City Paper Dining Quiz, Part II
  • Plus film (an interview with House of Sand director Andrucha Waddington), music (Burton on TV on the Radio), theater, and more