Received yesterday:

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:50:22 -0400
From: “JRR”
Subject: Rees in 2010

Greetings Ward 3 Businesss and Voters:

My name is Jonathan R. Rees and I am running for the ward 3 city council seat because I believe that I can better represent the values and views of the Residents and Business Owners of Ward 3.

In 2006, the voters of ward 3 made a serious mistake by voting in Mary Cheh after buying all the media and other hype that she was the next Kathy Patterson but her tenure on our city council will sadly prove that she is not, but more liking to Sharon Pratt-Kelly in all that she does and fails to do on the city council.

I believe that my more than 24 years of lobbying and management experience in the food, health care and legislative industries, has given me the experience needed to be an effective council member.

I want the residents of Ward 3 to have a Council Member who represents them which Mary Cheh has already shown she will not do by whom she aligned herself with.

I am “that” person who will do for you what Mary Cheh will fail to do as I will not do what Mary Cheh has; namely, I will not stab the businesses and voters in the back and cave in to special interest groups as she did late in her 2006, campaign.

In 2006, Mary Cheh won the Democrats’ nomination by the (smallest percentage) of any candidate to be nominated in ward 3, and that is because, most of you saw her as not being the best choice, not shooting straight and being in the pockets of GWU and people who want to over-develop ward 3.

When I ran in the 2006, primary, I did so more as a test run by only spending $500.00, use of the internet and friends but for the 2010 primary, I will be heavily financed, heavily backed on the streets of ward 3 and build alliances of people who did not vote for Mary Cheh.

If you are one of the 24,000 Democrats in ward 3 who did not vote for or want to see Mary Cheh as our next Council Member and think we can do better, then contact me now so together we can build a strong opposition to her and in 2010 make her a one term council member.

Contact me at and let’s begin early to build an alliance to make sure that Mary Cheh is a one term council member!

Respectfully yours,
Jonathan R. Rees