The other day I was following directions that directed me to take Argonne Street NW to Harvard Street NW. The only problem was that when I got to the end of Argonne I found myself at the intersection of Harvard Street NW and Harvard Street NW. What gives? How can a street intersect with itself?

According to the map in the District’s January 2002 Comprehensive Plan, Harvard Street NW doesn’t intersect with itself—the street running east-west is the continuation of Harvard Street while the street running north-south is Harvard Court.

However, for at least the past three years, Harvard Court has ceased to exist—at least at the actual intersection, despite a suggestion by District Department of Transportation (DDOT) spokesman Erik Linden that “There is currently a sign that reads ‘Harvard Court’ at the intersection of Harvard Street and Harvard Court, but it’s faded.”

But the situation will change sometime this week when DDOT staff installs two new signs reading “Harvard Court”, one at Harvard Street and one at Columbia Road. So hopefully the next time you need to follow Harvard Street, you won’t turn down the wrong Harvard and end up at Columbia Road.

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