Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

There goes Wacko. From a Sept. 16 police report, at 1:25 a.m on the 2900 block of Sherman Avenue NW: “[Complainant 1] REPORTS THAT [Subjects 1 through 4] GOT OUT OF THE VEHICLE. S1 SAID ‘THERE’S WACKO!, LETS GET HIM.’ S1-S4 CHASED C1 & BEGAN TO KICK & PUNCH C1 ABOUT THE FACE & BODY. S1-S4 THEN DROVE AWAY IN THE VEHICLE IN AN UNKNOWN DIRECTION.”

If only all spouse-beaters could be so considerate about their choice of venue. From a Sept. 12 police report describing incidents in a “Doctor’s Office/Hospital” on the same block as George Washington University Hospital, “[Complainant 1] REPORTS THAT [Suspect 1] BECAME ANGRY WHEN A MALE FRIEND CALLED C1’S HOSPITAL ROOM. S1 PUNCHED C1 [IN THE] FACE WITH A CLOSED FIST RESULTING IN A SWOLLEN RIGHT EYE.…S1 & C1 HAVE A CHILD IN COMMON.” And four days later, at the same location, “C1 REPORTS S1 PUSHED HER, KNOCKING C1 OFF BALANCE ONTO THE FLOOR. S1 THEN EXITED THE LISTED LOCATION. S1 IS C1’S HUSBAND.”

“Dear All, this might be useful for you and your family,” writes gayatrimaharani. “Technically engineered natural minerals have been structurally bonded in glass, at molecular level, using several high heat fusion methods. This combination of the techniques causes a catalytic energy conversion creating a long lasting, specific natural Nano resonance in the BIO DISC.” BIO DISC! What does it do? Well, it “helps to improve sleep,” removes “Fat From Milk,” alleviates muscle injury when you “Move it counter clock wise,” and energizes lotions that are poured onto the BIO DISC. “Dear moderator: the…email is clearly a scam and I do not believe we need info like this on our listserv,” responds Sara. “The claim that putting a cigarette box on this “bio disc” for 30 minutes will remove tar and nicotine is particularly outrageous.”