’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Melissa Allen

Age: 33

Occupation: freelance graphic designer

Residence: Cleveland Park

Spotted: Dupont Metro, Q Street entrance, waiting for her husband

Destination: Tabaq Bistro on U Street NW

Style Definition: “I hate to be so vanilla…but…eclectic. I love boutique-y and thrift stores.”

Hipster Giveaway: Looking like you’re a starving artist when you’re actually loaded. Allen’s tunic is from Anthropologie ($128), and her brown leather messenger bag is by Bally ($859 on styledrops.com).

Color Palette: Allen doesn’t have a favorite color and chooses not to coordinate her shoes with her bag, belt, etc. “I hate matchy-matchy.”

Ironic Footwear: boots by Frye ($253.95 on zappos.com)

Brush-Off: “I just wear what I’m in the mood for.”