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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Should Tenleytown strive to be the next Germantown? Bethesda? Georgetown? Logan Circle? Competing comparisons battle it out using parking as the point of contention. John throws out an argument counterintuitive enough it would impress New Republic editors: Developers should be obligated to provide fewer parking spaces per unit, rather than more, thus luring more walkers to the neighborhood. The outside-the-box thinking is met with sarcasm from Richard. “Great idea John.…Not everyone lives on the Metro line, nor works close to Metro.”

With mayoral shoo-in Adrian Fenty soon to vacate his council seat, Ward 4 residents will soon need a new rump to fill it. Rob hopes that backside will belong to Joe Martin. “You really seem to have the balance between outrage and patience,” he coos in a pleading post. “I’ve just got the outrage, which makes me a hothead.” Joe’s not having it. “I am not interested and discussing this will not change my mind at all,” he retorts. “I will not run. I am not at all interested. I will not be persuaded otherwise.”

Kate’s new to Ward 5, she says, and after hearing a few gunshots has a query for the group. “[W]hat can I do to stay out of gang-related crimes? Are they as violent to non-gang members and are we as likely to be shot at as someone they have a grudge against?” City Desk is gonna go out on a limb and say the guy they have the grudge against ought to watch his back a little more than Kate. Lt. Craig doesn’t have anything better for her, but does suggest people put a decal on the back of their car that allows cops to pull it over without cause “during extreme (like 1AM to 5AM) hours.” Craig concedes that his advice is a “little off the subject but very important.”