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’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Mariah Brant, Javannie Richards, Lizzy Unger, and “Eon” Voke

Age: 15, 14, 15, and 13, respectively

Occupation: students

Residence: Silver Spring

Spotted: Massachusetts Avenue NW at Dupont Circle

Destination: CVS

Style Definition: Brant, in all black, says, “colorful.” But concedes, “I know it seems ironic right now.” Voke, the self-proclaimed freshman, dresses “butchy, ’cause I wear loose crap.” Richards and Unger add “individual” and “unique” to the mix.

Hipster Giveaway: band T-shirts, less-than-pristine houndstooth, and a bright pink tote with revolvers and various buttons

Herd Mentality: When asked if they influence one another’s style, Brant speaks for the group: “Not really. We’re all different sizes. It’s not easy to steal each other’s clothes.”

Ironic Footwear: Aside from the present black-and-white-striped Vans with skulls and polka dotted Vans, Chucks are a favorite. Brant particularly loves her orange pair. “I love Chucks, too,” adds Richards. “But you don’t wear cool ones,” Brant retorts.

Brush-Off: Breaking a high-school-girl stereotype, the ladies say they only take 4 to 15 minutes to get ready.