Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

The upper Northwest neighborhood spies intrigue in the upcoming November election for Ward 3 councilmember. On Oct. 9, poster msilver1957 reports that none of the Ward 3 Democratic primary candidates have come out to endorse primary winner Mary Cheh: “Is this lack of support from fellow Democrats sour grapes?” they ask. “Also will the anti-development Democrats do the unusual and vote for an anti-development Republican like Theresa Conroy?” Another poster serves up a top eight reasons to vote against Cheh. The faux Letterman pads out their reasons by twice listing the candidate’s insistence on retaining her teaching gig if elected. Inevitably primary loser Jonathan Rees gets mentioned. For at least one poster, he still is someone to fear. Which brought a reply from msilver: “Rees did not win but you still act afraid of him as if he was a creature from the movie “Night of the Living Dead” and he is going to come and get you.”

School Board candidate Marc Borbely has found himself in the message board’s cross hairs. One poster alleges that the aspiring do-gooder has “pursued zoning exceptions in order to get kickbacks from businesses when the ANC voted down the exceptions. Several abandoned public spaces in our neighborhood which were slated for renovations, remain abandoned buildings because of Marc’s grandstanding.” Borbely responded with demands for a retraction or evidence proving these alleged “kickbacks.” The original poster soon conceded, writing: “True-I have no proof that you have received kickbacks. I apologize for passing a rumor I heard as fact.”