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Every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes Friday), we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

People dump cars. People dump ratty couches. In Tenleytown, people dump bamboo. Julie posted such an incident report on Oct. 12: “This morning I discovered that someone had dumped a pile of bamboo and bamboo roots on my front lawn. It was not just thrown there…it was obviously carefully stacked on my lawn. Around the corner, on my neighbor’s property there was another big pile. I am curious if anyone on this listserv had some bamboo cut down recently. Also, I am curious if anyone else got stuck with a pile this morning. If anybody saw anything or has any leads it would be appreciated.”

New resident alert! Mishboni showed his greenness with his post, the dumbest of the week, writing on Oct. 11: “We also have had things taken from our cars (cds, change, etc) at least twice in the last 6 months. This only happened on the rare occassions that a car was left unlocked, not on the street but back in our driveway. Does this mean that someone regularly combs the neighborhood at night looking for unlocked cars? This is very unsettling.” Runner-up goes to Peter. After a weeklong debate over pedestrian safety when crossing streets, walking on sidewalks, and so forth, Peter threw up this idea: “Would it work to stripe the sidewalks that bikers use most often with a dotted (or solid) line marking a right (or left) “lane”? The bike part could be marked iinside the line with a stencil of a bike/rider and the pedestrian part with a stencil of a walker. THis probably wouldn’t help where the sidewalk is barely wide enough for two walkers to pass each other going in opposite directions.”

Wishful thinking of the week goes to “evange408” who is trying to unload his Redskins tickets for this weekend’s game against the Titans: “Section 447, row 20. Two seats for $130 cash.”