In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • Washington City Paper‘s Best of Mayoral Travel. That’s right: Anthony A. Williams returned this week from his final scheduled international jaunt, which means it’s time for a retrospective of his mayoral travel career. We run down his gifts, his personal highlights, his relations with D.C.’s sister cities, what it’s like to travel with hizzoner, and how far, exactly, it is he’s traveled.
  • Alex Hogan on a Manor Park charter school that’s introduced a rather blunt way to increase its enrollment: Pay off the parents.
  • In Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna on how the Gallaudet football team played a part in the school’s recent protests.
  • In Show & Tell: Jessica Gould on the City Hall Art Collection, devoted to sprucing up the Wilson Building’s bare walls. No penises allowed, though.
  • In Young & Hungry, Tim Carman reviews the new Johnny’s Half Shell. It’s bigger, but any better?
  • Plus lots of film (Tricia on Marie Antoinette), lots of music (Chris Richards on P.Diddy), theater, books, and more