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The Post reports this morning on a report from the Urban Institute and the Fannie Mae Foundation that says the city’s real-estate boom hasn’t done a whole lot to keep families with children in the city.

The report’s conclusions mirrors our own analysis of census figures earlier this year, which claimed that a short-term population boost won’t be sustainable if the city can’t do anything to keep families with kids from leaving the city. D.C.’s gaining lots of new households but is facing a precipitous decline in average household size, making it hard to consolidate any population gains. In any case, there’s no way to get 100,000 new residents by building a bunch of condos.

Most startling figure: “Between now and 2010, more than 60 percent of the housing construction in the District is projected to be condominiums; just 4 percent will be single-family houses.”

Illustration by Gus D’Angelo