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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Last week, scarlsondc spotted a handful of workers doing measurements inside the former DCCD music shop on 18th Street NW. He said the group buying the vacant building is a nonprofit working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Naturally, the rumor of a possible rehab clinic being dropped in the middle of our premier nightlife district set off an informal contest for Most Ironic Analogy among commenters. lst103dc asks, “But isn’t putting an alcohol rehab facility in the middle of 18th Street like putting a Weight Watchers meeting next to Maggie Moos?” And poster martymoo69 tries to go one better: “It does seem like an odd location for alcohol rehab …kind of like putting a methadone clinic in Laos.”

Poster baringlake is tired of hopscotching over urine streams and fetid T.P. on the way to the Rhode Island Avenue metro station: “There are “Jiffy John” port-a-john toilets at the…station. They do not appear to be maintained in any way, and often people who have to walk by the toilets (and there are many of us since the toilets are placed along a major walkway) are forced to walk over blue urinal liquid that’s overflowed, as well as toilet paper and other garbage from the port-a-john.” And fancy footwork can only go so far: “the stench often coming out of the port-a-johns, even when the doors are closed, is unbelieveable.”

Anarchy spreads west of Rock Creek Park! Either that, or Ward 3 puritans are branding the homes of Tenleytown adulterers:

Psa 202 4400 b/o Chesapeake
C1 reports that his garage door was spray painted with red paint.
A letter “A” was drawn along with other unidentifiable symbols.
Psa 202 4400 b/o Chesapeake
C1 reports that someone spray painted her garage door
with red paint. There was a letter “A” inside of a circle and
“06 *** capitalism” drawn on the garage door.