Every Tuesday and Thursday Friday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

CSNA U Street
CCDogpark suggests that, rather than letting kiddies have the final dip in municipal pools, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation should close out the pool season with a dog swim. “Other towns are generating large sums of money every fall with season ending canine swim events on the weekend before the pools are closed and drained for the season,” the dog lover writes. “You need to have an outdoor, municipal, fenced, pool with a zero-depth end and/or a baby pool for small breeds.” CCDogPark says the event should be a fundraiser to benefit a cause important to the city and dog owners alike—which automatically excludes anything benefiting children, right?

For almost a week, Takoma DC residents have been trying to help Carolivia figure out how to crack open the delicious black walnuts that are apparently plentiful up near the D.C./MD line. Suggestions have ranged from expensive, specialized crackers to a vise. On Sunday, Carolivia thanked her neighbors for their suggestions and announced that she was attempting to do some online shopping for a nutcracker designed specifically to smash tough nuts. But she hadn’t yet heard the simple solution offered up by Lea. “I don’t know if this alternative has been mentioned: placing the black walnuts in the street or your driveway and running over them with the tires of your car. I was told about this option when I was living in the mountains of Virginia.”

Shepherd Park
Instead of using a cutesy pseudonym, Washington Post reporter Henri Cauvin adds his byline to a listserv post that reveals he is looking for a framer to fancy up a very special piece of work. For, um, a friend, maybe? “Looking for suggestions for reasonably priced places in the area to re-frame a couple of posters and to do a commemorative engraving of newspaper article,” Cauvin writes.