’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Alexis Dane

Age: 23

Residence: Portland, Ore., with a sister who lives in Dupont Circle

Occupation: works at Naked City, a boutique

Spotted: H&M on M Street NW, in Georgetown

Destination: the dressing room

Style Definition: “I like a lot of black.”

Hipster Giveaway: red lipstick, cropped bangs, skinny jeans, and lots of chunky plastic accessories

H&Mmm…: Lamenting that the chain hasn’t opened a store in her city, Dane says, “Every time I come to D.C. I have to come to H&M at least twice…I have an H&M fund.” Another favorite brand is Lux Deville, whose leopard-print bag Dane is sporting and whose slogan is “handbags that will tear your heart out.”

Ironic Footwear: “I love Vans. I wear Vans all the time.”

Brush-Off: “It doesn’t take me long—10 minutes—to get dressed. Most of my stuff is in the same color grouping. I can just grab a shirt and throw it with some jeans.”