Head down 9th Street NW south of the convention center, and there’s those damn dedicated bus lanes. I’m all for supporting public transit and such, but riddle me this: How are you supposed to make a right turn from a street on which there’s a bus lane on the right?

If the lane’s lines are dashed, ignore the dirty looks from bus drivers and bicyclists and get into their lane and make the turn. As long as you’re only in the lane for only one block, it’s perfectly legal.

In fact, to do otherwise—such as trying to make a turn from the lane next to the marked lane—can net you a ticket. You’ll also likely end up with a ticket if you attempt to cross a solid white line into the bus lane, or if you travel multiple blocks in a bus lane.

So how do you know when you can make the turn? Pay heed to the standard dashed street markings—they’re common national practice, according to transportation department spokesperson Erik Linden.

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