Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

It’s no secret that Cleveland Park parents often go beyond the call of duty for their children. There’s Laine, who’s looking for “high recommendations (or warnings) about co-ed sleepaway camps…for a boy who’s not a jock, but great at rocketry, web design, water sports, archery.” There’s Gilah, who seeks “a drum set for my 10-year-old future rock star.” Victoria is “ISO Indoor Soccer League for 12-year-old boys.” And then there are Pete and Beth who are looking for “Any soccor opportunities for a 2-1/2 boy – very fast, understands kicking and dribbling well (a little young for the concept of ‘passsing’ and ‘give-and-go’ plays)- but hoping the passing will come quickly while playing with other kids as a team or group.”

Kathy reports that a neighborhood police officer performed two civic duties on Election Day. “Our own Officer Cunningham caught an armed robber Tuesday night when he was returning home from voting (Cunningham was voting, not the robber!),” she writes. “A car being driven erratically happened to cross in front of Cunningham around 33rd and Camden, almost hitting Cunningham’s cruiser. Cunningham chased and caught him. Turns out the driver and his passenger had just committed armed robbery in PG County at a check-cashing store.…The passenger escaped (but may be caught by now). There were piles on money in the car, and a witness from PG County came out and identified the robber.…One can’t help but wonder why someone who just committed armed robbery would attract attention by driving crazy. Not rocket scientists.”

Since the holiday season starts after Halloween these days, 17-year-old Brian Wong offers some advice for shoppers. “Because stores will be crowded during holidays seasons, it is in my best experience that one does shopping online or ask their loved ones in advance for their gift wish list,” he writes. “For example, my birthday is Wednesday, August 16, 1989. My grandmother could ask me on August 19, what do you want for Christmas. I tell her. Come September, she goes out and purchases it. Then when it comes Christmas shopping season, she doesn’t have to brave the long lines and high prices, regardless online or in person. Then after Christmas come September the following year, she asks me again. Then the routine would come again. My grandmother doesn’t really do this. I am sure she would, given how financially conservative my maternal grandparents are.”