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’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Matt Huber

Age: 24

Residence: Capitol Hill

Occupation: employee at a furniture store near Dulles, Va.

Spotted: buying produce at Eastern Market

Destination: home, with groceries

Style Definition: “I don’t really have [a style]. It’s a relaxed look.” Huber says he likes thrift stores and U Street shops.

Hipster Giveaway: Members Only jacket, lots of stripes, and tote bags with silk-screened patches of elephants and an anatomically correct heart

DIY Item: A friend made the patches, and Huber sewed and duct-taped them onto free totes.

Ironic Footwear: Adidas sneakers from Nordstrom Rack

Brush-Off: “I don’t have many clothes, but I wear them a lot.”