In this week’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • Frank Schneider on a trio of Kentucky natives who moved to Shaw and struck alternately hilarious, frightening, and bizarre relationship with a neighborhood hustler.
  • Amanda S. Miller on the latest developments in the Leroy Thorpe chronicles. Here’s a taste.
  • In Loose Lips: James Jones on Adrian Fenty’s big trip to New York with D.C. councilmembers to hobnob with Mike Bloomberg and talk school takeovers.
  • In Show & Tell: Jessica Gould on what was behind the demise of Apex’s Liquid Ladies lesbian dance night. A D.C. cop says a rash of fights may have been to blame
  • In Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna is the first to get the Wizznutzz on the record! The occasion: the triumph of “Agent Zero.”
  • Plus film, theater, food, and more