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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Have the birds near Gallaudet University looked especially dirty lately? John explains: “I have not had a chance to call in a report but last night in the 700 Block of L Street NE…an individual entered our gate and stole a birdbath. When I looked out the window he was running down L Street and turning right on 7th heading toward Florida Avenue. He was pushing a grocery cart.”

As U Streeters all but demand that Trader Joe’s come to the ’hood and serve them (subject: “FWD: Trader Joe’s: They Just Aren’t Getting It!!”), Jamietre tells chatters they shouldn’t blame TJ for wanting to take a pass on the neighborhood: “I have followed this discourse with a little bit of amusement. It seems that business can never win with the residents of Ward One. The new Giant suffered a picket line on it’s first day for the atrocious crime of having a pickup and dropoff area. Target was controversial because people feel it will bring too much traffic to the area among other reasons. Now, I see the same sort of venom and tactics used against TJ’s…except it’s because they DON’T want to open here! Hmm, I wonder why anyone might think twice about opening a store in this can of worms that is Columbia Heights.”

Chatters revolt against police officers and parking attendants who ticket car owners for temp-tag-related infractions. “You would think an officer?in this percent/District would understand that residents that have temporary tags in their car windows it is for a reason,” writes Ancostia_rebel, who decided to display his tag inside the car after a previous one was stolen from the outside, thus inviting a ticket. “The same thing happened to my neighbor,” chips in ladieree. And Gloria got whammied as she was at the DMV buying temp tags for the car she just bought at police auction. “I returned from DMV with the paper tags by 10:00 and there were two $100.00 tickets written at 9:43am for not displaying front and rear tags,” she writes. “The area I live in (behind Wingate) is riddled with drugs and prostitution but that just goes on non-stop and the decent citizens are ticketed repeatedly. We are on the losing end non-stop.”