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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

December is the season of giving. And taking. Lately, posts about thefts in Adams Morgan have been flying like the first snowballs of winter. One resident reports a stolen Mercedes. Another reports five thefts-from-auto. This prompts a third resident to remind everyone that it’s not just carolers belting out off-key tunes: “When you hear a car alarm, it could be yours!” And Josh chimes in that even well-sheltered belongings aren’t protected. “The basement of our building (1791 Lanier) has been broken into three times in the past month,” he writes. The thieves made off with bikes the first two times, then returned with bolt cutters to break into storage cages. And police seem to be more interested in making their lists than checking them twice. Chris had some jewelry stolen from her home and trying to get recover the cherished items has been nothing but frustration. “We know who stole the items and where they were pawned, and then just NOTHING from the police,” she writes. The whole experience has turned her into a bit of a Grinch. “I don’t mean to be cynical,” she concludes, “but I wish you luck on finding the person who stole the property on Lanier Place.”

Congress’ recent decision to increase the income limit for school vouchers sparks a lively discussion in this education forum. Bonnie wonders if the schools participating in the voucher program are performing any better than the public ones. That’s a difficult question to answer, but one member doesn’t care to make the distinction. “If anyone can name another federally funded program wherein $60k is the bar for ‘low income’ I will eat my hat!!” writes the member. “Once again your tax dollars and this city’s children are being used to carry out an agenda that has nothing to do with the welfare of the children involved in this scheme.” Helen says not to blame the Man. “Anyone who cares for children should look to the cure instead of pointing fingers at ‘the man’ (read Republicans) who is behind this nefarious plot to hurt public schools,” she writes. “Public schools have done a darn fine job of hurting themselves. They don’t need any help from ‘the man.’” Jedxn blames the system, and in a roundabout way ends up blaming the Man. “Ones education determines class,” writes Jedxn. “You can buy your way up through private school. How do you think that numbskull in the White House got his job? Phillips Academy and Yale! Not DCPS and UDC.”

One resident suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse solicits advice. “Help!” she writes. “I’ve signed on for a wonderful trip with an old friend—but now remember she snores loud enough to wake the dead. By the end of the last trip we took together I was contemplating murder most foul. Anyone know of REALLY good earplugs I can buy?” “Try a sports store where they have items for fishing and hunting,” writes Amy. “Target shooters wear earplugs.” Lorrie says a travel-sized white-noise machine might augment her defenses while Fred suggests asking her friend to wear Breathe Right strips. “My wife says they really help,” he writes. Doris says that if poster is truly a good friend, she’ll take the snorer to get checked for sleep apnea. “No ear plugs or device can block out the sound of intensely loud snoring,” she writes. “I know. I now use a breathing machine and travel with it. My husband sleeps soundly and my blood pressure has returned to the normal range. Also, I no longer feel drowsy. Good luck.”