Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

jwilcox23 reports that an unidentified vandal took on several parked cars and beat them soundly. It isn’t clear whether the car-smasher was male, female, alien, or cyborg. The poster guesses that this car-basher did not come from the sky, but from the suburbs: “If it turns out that Mr. Incredible wasn’t from Maryland or Virginia, I extend my sincere apologies to any suburbanites who may be offended by my assumption that this was a commuter drunk.”

Things we want: jlw122364, mourning his son, seeks a support group for the families of murder victims. gregounours, throwing a party, seeks a disco ball.

Wilderness-in-the-city edition. Says carolynsherman2: “The other night a possum came in through our dog door and curled up and fell asleep in the corner of our sofa. He may have been asleep for hours when I saw him ? Our two dogs didn’t even notice him. I called animal control and they came in about half an hour with a cage, picked him up by the tail, put him in, and said they were going to release him in Rock Creek Park.” From faniafleissig: “Just a few minutes ago I saw a red fox trot across Belt Road in broad daylight. He was quite at ease and seemed to know where he was going. It was quite fascinating.” And pretzel102270 says, “I’ve seen a raccoon in my back alley a few times, including in my trash can. It lunged at me.”