Every Tuesday and Thursday Friday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

bgsmith122 is fed up with gang shootings, and he is almost as fed up with superficial police work. Despite a pair of homicides in the neighborhood, he writes, the cops aren’t doing much to make the neighborhood safe. They haven’t checked out a tip on a car that drug dealers were using, and they haven’t come near to ending “this little ‘gang war.’” They have, however, put up spotlights. “The lights do NOTHING but push the crime one one block away in every direction,” he writes. One went up 7th and Q Streets NW, but three drug deals happened nearby without interference, the poster reports.

The Lamond Recreation Center has been open for only four months, but shawn_mc_carthy dropped by and found the doors locked. A sign read, “Closed Until Further Notice.” “This does not sound like a small thing,” he writes. “’Until further notice’ has a certain permanence to it.…Also, I’ve noticed that the fitness room has had a broken, out-of-order weight machine since October, and I’ve watched dirt pile up under and around the Cardio equipment without a thorough cleaning for many weeks.” ginadouglas replies that she heard something was wrong with the gym floor. Alonzo Patterson of the Department of Parks and Recreation confirms the rumor. He doesn’t say when the center will reopen.

Thieves are into remodeling: hbv25_kathy hired workers to fix up her house. When they began carrying in their tools, a chop saw and two hammers vanished from the truck.