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Every Tuesday and Thursday weekday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Fourth District Commander Hilton B. Burton recently announced on his message board that during the next three weeks, each PSA (Police Service Area) will be conducting regular meetings. At the meetings, his officers hope to gather intel and feedback on how best to implement a 100-day plan to combat crime. Burton went on to ask: “If you or any of your neighbors have any suggestions they would like to see included in the final plan please let your PSA official or me know.” Poster S. Miller took the opportunity to offer up the following: Officers should get out of their cruisers “once a day for a few minutes” and talk to residents to “ask about community public safety matters.”

Since this may be a new concept, we offer up some conversation starters for cops looking to make that ground-level connection with their constituents:

  • “Boy, those Skins could sure use some help in the offseason, huh?”
  • “Man, doesn’t feel much like winter around here, huh?”
  • “I’ll tell you—rents aren’t getting any lower in this city, huh?”
  • With all the [murders, robberies, burglaries, loitering] in this area lately, you could use a substation, huh?”
  • “You grow up around here?”