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Every Tuesday and Thursday weekday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Are message boards bad for gentrification? On Tuesday, Jan. 9, poster Rich reported that at the evening’s community meeting there was some concern that the message board “may frighten off potential neighbors.” Rich went on to write: “It was not suggested that we stop letting each other know what’s happening, but that perhaps we could do more to put the reports in context.”

We suggest that all muggings must now be referred to as “culture exchanges,” that all smash-and-grabs be described as “car-stereo recycling,” and that all missing-cat postings be labeled as “Free-Range Kitten Policy In Effect.”

To help things along, we’ve taken a recent posting on TakomaDC regarding some graffiti found at the Takoma Rec Center and translated it.

On Monday, Jan. 8, Lars wrote:

Note that a local crew/gang/group of kids calling themselves the Rittenhouse Crew (RHC) have their tags in several places on Takoma Rec Center grounds and trees, not to mention much of the surrounding streets. There is also profanity spray painted on one of the rear-outside stairwell of the pool building that has been there for at least a year, and some other graffiti on the main building area. I reported this a couple times last year and reported the RHC tags earlier this year to MPD and DPW. My guess is that RHC may be connected to the recent muggings near the rec center, but that is just a guess.

And here’s our new toned-down version:

Note that a local club, the Rittenhouse Crew, has been working on an expansive art project at the Takoma Rec Center grounds. Its creative renderings have stood the test of time and can be found on the main building area and assorted other spots. Reports of their work have drawn the attention of the community and even various government agencies. The crew’s artistic output may have spread to more immediate cultural exchanges between its members and area residents. But that’s just speculation.

After reading our translation, who wouldn’t want to live in Takoma Park?