We’ve always known that Mayor Adrian Fenty is a first-rate promoter. As councilmember, he got to crime scenes along with the police cruisers. As mayoral candidate, he traveled around to meet with other big-city mayors to talk about governing, as if the job were already his. And as honeymooning mayor, he’s coming up with more PR magic.

The latest trick came via the front page of last Thursday’s Washington Post: 200 initiatives for the first 100 days in office. Constituents had to be impressed: Two initiatives per day!

Sure, the story quoted an anonymous councilmember saying that there was nothing new in many of the initiatives. But that detail got buried after the jump, deep in the story. Among the ambitious plans touted on the Post’s front page was the notion that Fenty & Co. would plant 3,000 trees.

Perhaps this particular goal should have been included in the mayor’s recycling chapter. After all, those 3,000 trees are already “in the pipeline,” according to Dan Smith, senior director of communications for the Casey Trees Endowment Fund, a group that is assisting the District with its canopy. Smith notes that the city’s Urban Forestry Administration had ordered the trees prior to Fenty’s ascension.

Even so, says Smith, inclusion in the 100-day plan is a nice gesture. “[W]e do welcome the attention the Mayor is giving to trees by including them in the 100-days goals, by his support for trees that was clear in his campaign platform and in statements he made during the campaign, including at one of our fall community planting events,” writes Smith via e-mail.

And hizzoner has extra incentive to meet his 100-day goal: If Team Fenty waits much beyond its self-imposed deadline (mid-April), D.C.’s tree-planting season (October to early May) will be over.