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Dorothy Brizill letter to Peter Nickels (PDF format, 11 KB)

The Adrian Fenty administration is now officially engaged in Mission Impossible: trying to politely control the outbursts of DC Watch Executive Director Dorothy Brizill.

The fiery community activist has been the thorn in the side of three D.C. mayors now. Each one has learned that muzzling her or brushing off her attack-dog requests for information is a pointless exercise.

Anthony Williams figured out it was just better to weather the storm and move on.

But a recent Brizill tirade directed at Fenty’s chief spokesperson Carrie Brooks prompted an official request from the Mayor’s lawyer for Brizill to show a little respect, as the Post’s D.C. Wire reported yesterday.

Here’s the full text of the letters, including Fenty Chief Counsel Peter Nickles’ concise plea for civility from the bombastic Brizill, who has taken her usual angry, prosecutorial approach to demanding information to new heights during Fenty press conferences.

The letter apparently stems from a confrontation between Brizill and his staff during the Jan. 6 inaugural ball. According to Brooks, an enraged Brizill loudly vented spleen on her. “She said I was deaf, blind and dumb—but mostly dumb,” reports Brooks.