So our man Jones is presently over in Tenleytown guest-hosting the D.C. Politics Hour With Kojo and Jonetta (Kojo’s sick) and pretty quickly James and Ms. Rose-Barras directed their attention to an editorial cartoon (pictured) that ran in the Washington Examiner earlier this week.

The cartoon, by Nate Beeler, was a riff on a missive recently sent out by the D.C. Board of Ed that misspelled “success” as “sucess.” Beeler took the school board’s spelling problems and ran with it.

Jonetta referred to a massive outcry about the unfairness of the cartoon and went on to call it “racially insensitive” and possibly “racist,” because both figures are portrayed as black even though Fenty’s top education aide is white not black.

Mark Tapscott, the Examiner ‘s editorial page chief, was invited on the show and didn’t give an inch.

As far as this disinterested observer goes, I’m closer to Mr. Tapscott than Jonetta. The bad spelling on the letter is certainly within the bounds of satire, and there’s nothing to indicate that the aide was supposed to be Victor Reinoso. Plus, the aide’s not made out to be a uneducated buffoon—just the school board! And OK, the school board’s not full of blithering idiots, but when you don’t run spell check, you give an inch—and don’t be surprised when editorial cartoonists take a mile.

Anyone in the teeming millions care to rebut?