City Paper circulation manager Kris Koth unearthed copies of some of our forebears in the alternative-newspaper racket. Included was the May 31, 1972, Quicksilver Times, a short-lived “underground” rag that featured headlines such as “Demonstrators Fight Pigs,” and “Bury the Pigs in Yogurt.” (This woman claims the White House thought the Chinese were funding the paper.)

As a service to those of our readers who may have been otherwise distracted in 1972, we offer this sampling from the classified page, which paints a intriguing picture of D.C. life under Nixonian rule. (Phone numbers and last names have been redacted.)

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #2 has arrived. Get it at Earth Works, 1724 20th St. NW….

Wanted: domestic employment, preferably in a black plebian home, salary optional, do not desire to wear uniform unless blue jeans are considered appropriate, tops can vary, call for interview, resume upon request….

Serious man, 28, into guitar, singing & writing folk & C&W material wants to join non-redneck group….

Looking for a cloak, something that might have been worn by a vampire, contact Robert, special student services, Federal City College….

We need exp. potter and exp. welder, call or come by Bong Works, 2314 18th St. NW….

Sale: 8-track stereo, $39….

Wanted: Alive adults to help create a viable gestalt household, 1700 blk. Swann St., 4 story house, children enjoyed….

A couple of hippies need an apt. cheap for the summer, contact Steve, Box 89, Austin Hall, Ohio Wesleyan U., Delaware, Ohio 43015….