How much do you have? Fifteen feet? Twenty feet? Maybe just a little more?

So, then, just how hard is it to get off your ass and shovel that strip of sidewalk frontage in front of your nice D.C. home? Apparently way too hard.

What’s your excuse, The Ambassador multi-unit building at 1750 16th St. NW? Clearing the sidewalk is the law. Don’t you got a condo association? Or someone in there who cares enough—-enough to perhaps just clear out a one-shovel-wide strip so that your fellow disenfranchised D.C. residents don’t have to slog through the slush on their way around town?

And what about you, you Universalists on the corner of 16th and S? What’s your excuse? These days, according to your Web site, you are “enjoying sermons from ordained and lay preachers from a variety of backgrounds.” How ’bout putting some of those brilliant souls to work out front? Furthermore, you call yourselves a “a liberal Christian church in the heart of the city.” Meaning, there’s a lot of talk in your halls about community and other feel-good causes. You folks probably ponied up for 9/11 relief. I’m betting that a group of you did some hammering and nailing in the wake of Katrina. You probably all agree about the scourges of global warming and its impact on future communities.

Well, you know what? The rubber of all those dear liberal principles hits the road in a snowstorm. If you can’t clear the walk for me, you’re not part of the community. Same for you, Windsor Inn at 1842 16th Street. What kind of inn are you, anyway?

On an up note—-good work, Washington House at 2120 16th.