’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Michael Peirce

Ages: 28

Residence: Mount Pleasant

Occupation: “musician/DJ/cosmic hobo/vagabond dandy”

Spotted: 6:30 p.m.; Meeps Vintage Fashionette, 2104 18th St. NW.

Style Definition: “Ethereal.” Peirce says he likes to shop at “friends’ houses…friends’ closets.” His friend, proprietress of “Bad Ass Unicorn,” embellished the back of his velvet blazer.

Hipster Giveaway: Devendra Banhart, anyone? Get this man a beard.

Thrift & Gift: Peirce’s pants were a thrift-store purchase. Pointing to nearly every other item he’s wearing, he says, “Gift, gift, gift…”

Ironic Footwear: Wallabies, also a gift.

Brush-Off: “Usually I’m still wearing the same clothes,” says Peirce. “Or it takes five minutes.”