There are better ways to relax after an 11-hour workday than watching Fox 5 News at 10 on WTTG-TV. But few are as weird. Where else will you see your neighbors with the legend “BOUGHT EXPIRED MEAT” under their names? Where else do reports start with phrases like “Remember that foot found in a Northern Virginia landfill?” And where else will you see the results of a poll like yesterday’s, which asked “Which is scarier: terrorists or Nazis?”

Terrorists won, with 40 percent of the vote. Nazis finished strong, though, with 22 percent of area viewers still freaked out by a political party that last held power 62 years ago in a different country. A surprisingly strong 18 percent found terrorists and Nazis to be equally scary.

Today’s poll is about whether a lady who threw a cup of ice at a driver on I-95 deserves the two-year sentence she drew for her crime. This is a missed opportunity. It should be: “What’s scarier: muggers or dragons?”