We at City Paper have a problem. And you, City Paper readers in Montgomery County, have a problem, too.

That problem is a tall woman who’s been reportedly roaming Red Line Metro stations (Wheaton and Rockville, in particular) and throwing out City Papers, stacks at a time. According to reports, she talks to herself while she does this. Word on the street is that she’s usually on the prowl on Friday mornings.

Our crack circulation staff is doing its best to keep those boxes full despite this woman’s compulsion, but we’d love to have your help in bringing this theft to an end. To that end, our sales department has generously proffered a pair of 9:30 Club tickets to anyone who can provide information leading to this problem’s resolution. License plate numbers, cell-phone photos, or just alerting a cop if you see something suspicious—-all those things would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help, folks.