When it comes to underground dance music, no institution has its finger on the throbbing pulse of D.C.’s dance night scene quite like…the Smithsonian? And when those hip folks at the Smithsonian say “underground,” they mean it—-tonight’s “Montreal Underground” will take place at the Smithsonian’s underground Ripley Center.

[E]xplore the sounds and images of the city’s bustling nightlife in Montréal Underground, presented by the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian. The program spotlights MUTEK DJ Vincent Lemieux and live acts Pheek and Mossa, established ambassadors of the underground minimalist house and techno scene in Montreal. Included in the evening is Washington’s own DJ Menan of Music1DC, completing an awe-inspiring night of creativity and talent, awesome musical creations, and a private viewing of the exhibition “Clash of Empires: The British, French, and Indian Wars for North America, 1754-1763,” in the Ripley Center. There is also an open bar and Young Benefactors Members’ lounge.

Open bar? We’re there. But the Smithsonian as a dance club? It might be slightly stodgy, but it’s decidedly less stabby.