WAKA, the local adult-kickball giant, continues its megalomaniacal ways with its 10-year anniversary party. In a press release, the group says that the March 26 shindig will be celebated “where kickball was born.” They don’t mean some field where cavemen once dwelt, which is probably where cavekids played the first game of kickball, or even an elementary school playground.

No, the party is at Kelly’s Irish Times.

According to company lore, that’s the bar where four buddies got the undeniably brilliant idea to make adults pay lots of money to play a children’s game on public land. WAKA’s god complex is nothing new: The corporation has filed a federal lawsuit against DCKickball, a wannabe rival federation, for copyright infringement, claiming that DCKickball’s kickball rules were too close to WAKA’s kickball rules. Then again, DCKickball’s kickball rules are remarkably close to the kickball rules every third grader uses. DCKickball is contesting the suit, and according to its Web site, has raised $2,389 for its defense fund. Admission to the WAKA party is $12.