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St. Patrick’s Day will be here in two weeks, so it’s time to start thinking about where you’ll be pounding your Guinness. In fact, it may take a bit of research. I recently ordered a Guinness at the Old Dominion Pub, one of the new storefronts in the Convention Center. The pub’s parent company is Old Dominion Brewery, so they should know how to pour a beer.

But the bartender poured my beer in one simple pour. Guinness needs two pours. In the first pour, the glass is tipped at an angle and filled about three-quarters full. Then the glass must sit until the beer has settled. Finally, the glass, this time perpendicular, can be filled.

I ordered a Guinness at Fado in Chinatown the other night. To my relief, the bartender poured it correctly.

Any tips for other bars that pour a Guinness correctly?